Sep 18, 2009

Worthwhile to know some information about Windows 7

* Windows 7 are primarily designed around five key - the unique design for notebook computers; application-based service design; the user's personalized; audio-visual entertainment optimization; the user ease of use of the new engine.
* Windows 7 will be more modular, component-based - but Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 will not contain MinWin core (from May 27, Sinofsky Q & A).
* Windows 7 will be Vista's "big update" - Microsoft has announced Windows 7 will use basically the same with the Vista driver model, namely, the basic does not appear similar to the XP to Vista compatibility issues.
* Windows 7 will allow users to run in virtual mode before the program - which will minimize compatibility issues. However, Microsoft will launch a similar SoftGrid virtualization solution, or other means is also unknown.
* Windows 7 will include touch functionality 10:00 - It depends on the hardware manufacturer whether the product launch of touch.
* Windows 7 will work with Windows Live services and software to integrate more closely - we have introduced a lot, of course, and more.
* Windows 7 will be more closely integrated with Windows Mobile - Microsoft's Bill Gates has said that: Windows will be more closely connected with the mobile device.
* Windows 7 will increase the "HomeGroup" network support - code-named "Castle", has planned the launch of Vista.
* Windows 7 will be built-in Virtual Hard Disk Technology (Virtual Hard Disks) - a commercial version exists in the Vista machine backup function for the realization of
* Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said: "I do not agree Windows7 a minor" small updates ", if" small updates ", not use 2-3 years..