Sep 18, 2009

Road map for Windows 7 final version of the European special edition Xiangjie

With the Internet and in Europe, particularly in this special edition version of the set, Windows7 version and the regional strategy are finally settled. Although more than the current XP / Vista simplifies a lot of times, but because of market segmentation (in particular the European Anti-monopoly), Windows7 version is still very much divided 32/64-bit count will reach 30, if ( Starter Edition only supports 32-bit).
Below is from Windows Vista (XP) to the version of Windows7 division of the road map, which Windows7 Enterprise Edition only through Volume Licensing Software Assurance projects to large corporate customers, rather than individual retail and therefore not listed.
System in the region has been divided into two blocks of developed and developing countries, to the era of Windows7 on the whole still is the case, including Ultimate, Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition, Home Premium Edition, Internet this (SmallNotebookPC) Dedicated Starter Edition universal , while the Home Basic version and low-cost PC (Value PC) Starter Edition is limited to developing markets.
Because of the attitude of tough EU anti-monopoly, Microsoft has been specially developed markets into the European region and the non-European regions, stripping IE browser and / or WMP player is a special edition prepared for the European region, in which "Windows7E" No IE, "Windows7N" neither IE nor WMP, of course, they also have the Ultimate Edition, Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition, Home Premium Edition, and the Internet version of the minutes of this entry so users in Europe, get the real version of the hand should be "Windows7 Ultimate E "or" Windows7 Home Premium Edition N ".
Here that the concept of the European region, specifically including the European Union (EU) 15 member countries, and the same is under the European Economic Area (EEA) Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, as well as Croatia, Switzerland, a total of 20 countries; and in the language context, Windows7 supports a total of 36 species, 23 species in Europe will be, including: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish.
Windows7E / N will work with other "full version" available at the same time, Microsoft IE8 will also be provided free of charge to install a separate package for OEM manufacturers and consumers to choose from, but also free Windows7Internet Pack, from the IE8 browser and Windows Live Essentials Service Pack Unit Cheng, the latter including Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Movie Maker are no longer tied directly to pre-installed applications.
OEM manufacturers can choose to directly to consumers Windows7E / N, but this will obviously be very troublesome, it is estimated that most PC makers will choose a browser pre-installed on their own, where either IE, can also use Firefox, Chrome, Opera , Safari, etc. either.
[2] Local 5 later this week, Microsoft announced the decision to the European ship the same full version of Windows 7, because of Windows 7 E deployment up too much trouble, and may just be doing exercise in futility, and made PC manufacturers complain about reaching the sky.
Microsoft deputy general counsel Dave Heiner, said in a statement: "According to last week's progress, as well as PC manufacturers and other business partners, the feedback, I am pleased to announce that we will be in October (22) in the European shipping and the rest of the world the same version of Windows 7. "
Dave Heiner further explained that: "No, the decision to ship Windows 7 E from PC vendors and partners concerns. Many are worried that the proposed interface, if you choose to be (EU) Commission's final approval, we will stop selling Windows 7 E, which will inevitably bring about the change on the version of the trouble. In addition, Windows 7 E The time has made too late, will confuse consumers so that they do not understand where he bought a PC in the end is what the system. "
This will be the way to solve another problem is that users do not have Windows Vista in Europe and then was forced to a new clean installation of Windows 7 (because of Vista, there are IE7), Microsoft may also sell upgrades to the European version of Windows 7,.
Microsoft also guaranteed that those who booked at preferential prices to consumers will be Windows 7 E direct access to the full version, but the price of full version of Windows 7 in Europe, like the initial decision will not only equivalent to other regions as an updated version of the grade, but rather to "proper" level.