Sep 18, 2009

19 WIndows7 should have the function

1. More simple to manage startup items
msconfig, this is a self-Windows98 has been known to let the user within the system tools, has always been that it can not directly start menu, Microsoft should be said that this important function of the system settings to do so.
2. Faster startup and shutdown

When you have a Windows Me features why XP, Vista would have been out?
3. Diagnostic Tool
Hoped to have a good diagnostic tool to help users understand the operating system fails, the problem, rather than a simple error code.
4. Better Burn function
CD / DVD burning is a routine work, but Windows built-in mechanism is not friendly, so that users need to spend a lot of the cost to buy professional software.
(Has built-in ISO / IMG burning program)
5. 64bit only
Computer hardware development to the present, which is a shift to 64-bit time, or else the user for more than 4GB of memory on all wasted.
7. Based on the System Restore Image
The current system is still used to restore the delta mechanism, but a Windows backup to restore to a large extent still need to mirror - because it is relatively simple, this function has been provided by a third-party vendors.
8. Microsoft Toolbox
This idea can be used to solve the user's compatibility issues, users can list the current drivers, patches, installation of games, hardware and software and automatically find the latest solutions.
9. Procedure Cache
Vista users now has begun to cache frequently used programs into memory, it looks much faster speed, but the caching feature also need to be strengthened, so that users know what is needed and guide the user to do the cache.
10. Drive Availability
The promotion of poor Vista drivers can not keep up to a large extent the problem is, Microsoft needs to do more development of compatibility so that firms will have better compatibility with drivers, at least not have loss of function.
11. Home User Licensing
When a family home, a lot of computer time, Windows of the how sell? As authorized in accordance with a set of Windows Maihao times? Microsoft should find a way to save the expenditure for home users.
(In Europe and America, there windows7 family package, for the three windows7 Home Premium version of the license)
12. WinFS
A new file system format. Can be more secure, fast processing documents.
13. All for One and One for All
So many versions of Vista will make people dizzy mess, in fact, only three is enough: Home, Business / Pro, Server.
14. Better GUI
Vista's GUI is to attract users to a major bright spot, but the new GUI and some operational issues that need improvement, such as toolbars and Open / Save dialog box also follows a previous old style.
15. Can be customized installation
What components do not need and should be decided by the user, rather than Microsoft, at least for now Vista then reveals all the things move in the hard disk is rude behavior.
16. Game Mode
Playing games, Windows do not have access to the vast majority of functions are, in order ran better results, why not set up a company similar to the "safe mode" special model?
17. The new UAC
Must acknowledge that UAC is a good idea, but for now at least so unfriendly, UAC needs to be improved, at least let the user know why interrupt their operation.
(windows 7's UAC number 29% less than the VISTA)
18. XP Virtual Machine
Vista compatibility has already become a lesson, like the Mac OS X Aqua just up to provide a virtual machine technology allows the application under the old system, the user is running is also a very urgent requirement.
(Microsoft officials are now free to provide this functionality RC versions: "XP mode")
19. Modular operating system
A customizable operating system will make it easier for users to use and more stable, such as the Linux kernel and the GUI is worthy of separate study.