Sep 17, 2009

Windows 7 - new system based on vista

Windows 7 designed around five major focus of - the unique design for notebook computers; application-based service design; the user's personalized; audio-visual entertainment optimization; the user ease of use of the new engine. windows 7 start of the screen
Easier to use
Windows 7 to do a lot of user-friendly design, such as fast to maximize the window half-screen display, jumping a list of quick fixes such as system failures, these new features to make Windows 7 to be the most easy to use Windows.
Windows 7 greatly reduced start Windows speed, according to measurement, in 2008 to run in the low-end configuration, the system load time is generally not more than 20 seconds, more than Windows Vista, compared with more than 40 seconds, is a big progress.
Windows 7 will allow easier searching and using information, including local, network and Internet search functions, intuitive user experience will be more advanced, but also integrated automation application submission and cross-program data transparency.
Windows 7 desktop and Start Menu Windows 7 includes improved security and functionality legitimacy, but also the data protection and management extended to peripherals. Windows 7 improved role-based computing programs and user account management, data protection and robust collaboration to build bridges between the inherent conflict, but also open the enterprise-class data protection and access permission.
Lower cost
Windows7 can help businesses optimize their desktop infrastructure, with a seamless operating system, applications, and data migration capabilities, and simplify PC supply and upgrades, and further towards a complete application updates and patches to do so.
Better connections
Windows7 further enhance the mobile ability to work, regardless of when, where, any device can access data and applications to open a special collaboration with strong experience, wireless connectivity, management and security features will be further expanded. So that the performance and current capabilities, and emerging mobile hardware has been optimized to expand the multi-device synchronization, management and data protection. Finally, Windows7 will bring flexible computing infrastructure, including fat, thin, and network-centric model.
Windows 7 is Vista's "small update big change"
Microsoft has announced Windows 7 will use the same with the Vista driver model, namely, the basic does not appear similar to the XP to Vista compatibility issues.
Be able to run in the system for free legal XP systems
Microsoft's next-generation virtualization technologies - Windows virtual PC, the program comes with a Windows XP legal authorization, as long as the processor supports hardware virtualization, you can run freely in the virtual machine is only suitable for XP applications, and even though virtual system crash to deal with them is also very convenient.
A more humane UAC (User Account Control)
Vista's UAC can be said to make users who live in Vista, but Windows 7 in, UAC control level increased to four, to control the UAC through such a rigorous level, so that UAC security without cumbersome.
Better WinFS
winFS is a new file system format. To welcome the arrival of this perfect storm of technological development, Microsoft in building a next-generation Windows File System (code-named WinFS) has invested a lot of energy. WinFS product team in the innovation process in the Windows file system guided by the following three core principles: to enable users to "Find", "relevance" and "operation" their information.
Be able to touch on the one hand personally for Windows
Windows 7 includes a touch of native functions, but this depends on whether the introduction of touch the hardware manufacturer products. System supports 10-point touch, indicating Windows is no longer only through the keyboard and mouse in order to contact the OS.
Only the basic applications pre-installed software, other online to find
Windows 7 machines ship with only the basic software - such as Windows Madia Player, WordPad, Notepad, photo viewer and so on. While others such as Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, and other programs, Microsoft in order to shorten the development cycle is no longer included within the. Users can on the official Windows Live website, free to choose Windows Live, free software.
By far the most gorgeous but the most energy-efficient Windows
Multi-function task bar of the Aero effects of Windows 7 is more ornate, with collision effects, water droplets effect. These add much color than Vista.
However, Windows 7's resource consumption is the lowest. Fast to implement not only the efficiency of a competitive edge, notebook battery life has also increased significantly. Microsoft's CEO, said, Windows 7 to be the most green, most energy-efficient systems.
Speaking of WindowsVista, the first reaction of many ordinary users is probably the new translucent windows AeroGlass. While the user interface of this mixed, but it can take advantage of GPU acceleration features for truly is a step forward, but also continue to adopt this form of interface, and overall be improved, including support for DX10.1.
Windows7 and the Desktop Window Manager (DWM.exe) to take full advantage of GPU acceleration of resources, and support for Direct3D 10.1 API. The advantages are:
1, from the low-end integrated graphics to high-end flagship graphics card can be well supported, but also equally good performance.
2, stream processors will be used to render the window blur effect, commonly known as ground glass.
3, the share of each window of memory (compared to Vista) can be reduced by 50% or so.
4, support for more and more rich thumbnail animation, including "Color Hot-Track" - mouse over different applications on the taskbar icon when the icon highlights a different background color will differ. And the implementation of the replication process status indicator will also be displayed on the taskbar, the mouse rolls over the same application icon, the icon will highlight the background color gradient with the movement of the mouse.
Under the driver do not worry, Update click on the OK
Vista still installed when you first installed video card and sound card drivers, which is obviously a very troublesome thing, is especially true for the master machine. However, Windows 7 is not going to consider this issue, use Windows Update to search the Internet, you can find a suitable driver.

windows 7 digital audio, what changed?

To support non-Microsoft audio format
After much was removed, Microsoft compromise this time, Windows 7 natively supports AAC format playback, this is the iTune's popular audio formats, Microsoft is also one of the Xiang Yao. Before Windows Media Player can only play Microsoft's own audio format, it seems times have changed.
Online music
Microsoft Windows7 home network in improved ease of use, of course, Web audio is no exception. You can play in all networked devices on the Windows 7PC streaming media, as long as the device supports DLNA standard version 1.5. Windows Media Player can also convert your media devices are supported format.
Bluetooth Audio
Windows7 includes Bluetooth audio driver, which means that it will natively support the Bluetooth headset or speakers, without too much setup and installation. (Lack of Bluetooth support vista attracted many users complain about)
Intelligent Routing
Can be free to choose the audio device, for example, by the speaker sound when playing music, playing the network the phone will be smart to choose your headphones.
This is the Windows 7's new features, can you PC or even all your networked PC to conduct the same type of document classification, that they should go in a different folder. So you PC's music will all go to the Music Library, is such music can be better management.
Obviously this idea is good, and for software engineers, which makes it easy to establish a database, etc., but for ordinary users, to understand such an abstract concept is clearly not so easy.
These virtual folders in Windows 7 in a "bank", it would be "simple and easy to use VS 'discussion of the main event. These libraries will form a system, while the user is almost impossible to learn from other parts of the system any information. is very simple, is not it. But the system itself is actually very complex because of too abstract. At the same time, users also need to be prepared for the system backup tool, otherwise, one does not care, some important documents on the so lost.
Music Wall
This is from inside the Zune software introduced into the Media Center, when you play an album in Media Center, the background will automatically download all your album cover.
Tray notification area
Tray notification area has been criticized by Windows users, all these years Microsoft has been trying to solve this problem, from the hide inactive icons to Vista, allows users to choose. However, in Windows 7, Microsoft has re-introduced before the concealment strategy. Therefore, Windows 7, all the system icons are hidden by default, the user must manually open the icon will be displayed.
Very carefully, right? But I will say is that this way, the notification area, and seems much more simple, but at the expense of the user's ease of use. In Vista, at least we know that these programs are running, we can by Windows Defender in the system resource manager or Windows Live Onecare to shut down these programs, no matter what, there are always ways. However, in Windows 7, the default is no icon to show that we did not know these programs are not running in the end in the. Even more funny is that in Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Defender removed in the system resource manager, this way, want to cancel these programs are not running a boot startup is so easy.