Sep 18, 2009

About Windows 7 features

More simple: Windows 7 will allow easier searching and using information, including local, network and Internet search functions, intuitive user experience will be more advanced, but also integrated automation application submission and cross-program data transparency.
More secure: Windows 7 will include improved security and functionality of the legitimacy of the data protection and management will be extended to peripheral devices. Windows 7 will improve the role-based computing programs and user account management, data protection and robust collaboration inherent conflict to build bridges between, but also open the enterprise-class data protection and access permission.
Better connected: Windows 7 will further enhance mobile working ability, regardless of when, where, any device can access data and applications to open a special collaboration with strong experience, wireless connectivity, management and security features could be expanded. Performance and current capabilities, and emerging mobile hardware will be optimized, multi-device sync, management and data protection features will be expanded. Finally, Windows 7 will bring flexible computing infrastructure, including fat, thin, and network-centric model.
At a lower cost: Windows 7 will help businesses optimize their desktop infrastructure, with a seamless operating system, applications, and data migration capabilities, and simplify PC supply and upgrades, and further towards a complete application updating and patching efforts. Windows 7 will include improved hardware and software virtualization experience, and expand PC's own Windows help and solutions for IT professionals diagnose the problem.
Other features
There are some features originally designed for Vista, such as Windows PowerShell and Windows FS, although they would also be a fundamental part of Windows 7, but it they may be released after the completion of a separate. Windows PowerShell has now paid out separately.
Windows 7 will be a "Sandbox" (sand box) function, its function in the development of Longhorn system close to the "Alpha / White Box", all non-managed code will run in the sand box system, so that access to "outside" will be the operating system control. The visit will be on the bottom of the sandbox within the prohibition from the same well of the file system, hardware abstraction layer (HAL) and full direct access to memory addresses. All of the external applications, documents and agreements at the request will be the operating system management, and any malicious behavior will be immediately suspended. If this method is successful, it indicates a very strong safety and security, if the malicious software can be effectively locked in a glass box, then it is virtually impossible to cause any harm to the system.
Bill Gates has also mentioned another interesting feature is that a common language can be interpreted the user's instructions. This includes the "auto-complete the entire sentence instructions" functions in the current mainstream search engines already have this feature (for example: Microsoft's own Live Search, Yahoo and Google), which function is to enter the wrong syntax also allows the computer normal execution instruction section.