Sep 18, 2009

Published focus windows wireless network

Desktop windows7 Friday, January 9, Microsoft released Windows 7 for the public client Beta 1 beta. The day before, at 11:34 on January 8, Microsoft released the first version of Windows 7 Server Beta 1 beta.
Windows 7 is Microsoft's next-generation operating system, the current widely believed that Microsoft will release this year's Christmas shopping season before the final version of Windows 7.
December 16 last year, Microsoft sent out for some testers Windows 7 Beta 1 test invitation. Microsoft said in the letter of invitation, open to the public to download Windows7 Beta 1 released until early 2009, will.
But by the end of December, the version number is "7000" in Windows 7 beta version of the system is ahead of schedule posted to the Internet. Insiders pointed out that this version is likely that Microsoft will release Windows7 Beta 1.
Microsoft recently released Windows 7 RC version, has integrated DirectX 11 and Internet Explorer 8. Windows7 LOGODirectX 11 as a 3D graphical interface, not only to support the future of DX11 hardware, but also downward compatible with the current DirectX 10 and 10.1 hardware. DirectX 11 adds a new computing shader technology allows for more general-purpose GPU computing engaged in the work, not just the 3D calculations, which can encourage developers to better use of the GPU as a parallel processor.

Wireless networks in the recruitment advertising company revealed Windows 7, which is the next version of Windows to improve the network of some of the ideas.
Windows Vista a significant improvement in the network so that wireless networks and wired networks as easy to manage, but will the next major Windows development center on the Windows with a number of devices and nodes of interaction, ie the number of simultaneous connections wireless networks, allowing number of network communication at the same time, which means that time can be used across multiple networks without the need to switch to enhance the wireless throughput and range of mobility and provides a central control functions.
Existing wireless standard 802.11s, 802.11k, 802.11r, 802.11w, will not be Windows 7 also supports, in addition they also invite people to explore on the wireless mesh technology, a growing number of access points such as the can under the AP through the The simplest way to connect, so that each wireless client as a signal relay device, which will greatly increase the availability of WiFi.