Nov 29, 2008

Your home computer will be safe

Your home computer will be safe
If you according to your home computer security and the protection of the high-security, based on the next page is easy to explain computer viruses and hacking, counterfeiting, phishing scams, it is possible from a spy as you can.
As a home computer user, you are malicious computer hackers and other online attacks in the form of any of the need to ensure that it is safe. Into your computer from any of the identity of the important data, such as you may have. How you can protect your computer is a very important discovery, because these potential attacks.

First of all, family vacation destination for computer users:

(1) HOMUKONPYUTAYUZA a goal, they are usually easy to install, security measures are unnecessary. And

If the credit card information (2) they are often valuable information, which is enough to attract the invaders will be preserved.

In addition, the type of attack to expect and need to know. Opening of the unknown, seemingly innocent e - mail or click on banner ads and ads, a intruders opened the door to unnecessary risk. Is a matter of time, often due to the security of your home computer if you want to start should be removed and connected to the Internet, it is difficult to pay attention to.

In addition to the public whether and how to click on ads or banner ads and valuable information on the Internet to send e-mail, should be cautioned. To a third party, such information can be intercepted. Unless you have the confidence, security measures are very important message to the old way better.

The following security measures on your computer. Your operating system is Microsoft Windows, Apple's operating system and Linux, it is very useful. Security updates are free, and the Malicious Software Removal Tool, available every month. A monthly update, a intruders, always on a regular basis in order to avoid these security measures is to find a way.

Free your operating system to obtain updated security, access to anti-virus program, if one of the largest number of virus definitions may need to purchase this need. Virus, causing havoc in the computer, and access to customer information to attack other computers can be used to spread. High-quality anti-virus program to obtain the virus is not important.

Since then, the invaders know the function of anti-virus program, and sometimes a little bit of data, a potential danger or nuisance, the use of spyware, and then click OK. This slow process, you can retrieve data from your computer. To solve this problem, anti-spyware program to provide free and have the freedom to buy.

The ultimate security, firewalls. Under normal circumstances, for anti-virus program, most of the problems should not be a firewall. Disable the firewall security and open immigration has been nothing even when customers try to access the computer, without having to request confirmation.

In order to better protect your computer from viruses and intruders of all light, so it is important that your article availableComputer technical know the type of computer virus and should not be taken. If these dangerous computer virus prevention can always please myself.