Nov 28, 2008

The real reason is that Windows XP better than Vista

The real reason is that Windows XP better than Vista.

When Microsoft launched Vista, its struggle into a lot of the real reason, you should upgrade in the form of Windows XP. This is immediately obvious is that as a result of extreme indirect Windows Aero interface, with the Windows Sidebar, on the same hardware. Windows XP to Vista over each.

This is, of course, especially bad news for the players, but in the end affect all users. One of the new features of Vista is to help the ReadyBoost performance, but also works with the assistance of USB memory sticks.

This is because the hard disk access time is the kind of lazy, memory, you can use high-speed USB stick as an additional cache, and use it as an extension to your virtual memory (swap file). Instead of taking the exchange of documents in the file on your hard disk, Vista to extract them from the USB memory stick, because this, you need to adhere to a very big, although it can not be any greater than 4GB, but also the fastest access speed You can buy.

In our testing, USB memory stick inserted, we were surprised to see it for a number of benchmarks, and not others, such as the insistence of light flashes.

In addition, we also found that if there is any change in the benchmark, the performance actually make matters worse, not better. Frankly, the difference is marginal, but if you have a modern drive with 16MB cache, it will be faster than USB Memory Stick.

In previous tests, we found that the ReadyBoost is the only truly effective system Vista have been, or less than 1GB of RAM, any player in his right mind to runHealth fitness articles, so we recommend that you do not disturb.