Nov 29, 2008

Linux operating system

Linux operating system
Finally, for Linux this year to take the throne? No, this is not true.

How much do you spend the hardware is not important that you all are still running an operating system is necessary, and the question: Who is the best rush?

Beardy eccentric journey, and how open source can maintain a great beat, and how we should all embrace the penguin, Linux's game is just rubbish. Yes, you are in Linux, as well as a number of games to play the game now Linux, usually after many years of long-term Windows is released, but the heart is not unconscious.

Until the cattle house, there is really nothing to complain about Linux in comparison to the arrival of Windows foibles, we can complain about. If you set the bad old days when you just get all kinds of games more than Autoexec.bat and Config.sys file, you really, you probably remember that Linux users can enjoy the sport. The rest of the people, Windows is the only logical elections.

The question is, of course, no matter which version to avoid? Only the Windows Vista DirectX 10 am pleased, but he's not cruel hardware point of view, you need a Windows XP platform for your peers for more spending will mean the end of the money.

Even if there is the issue of hardware drivers. A year later released, many drivers are still missing or does not work in Vista are doing. Even if there is the cost. Although this is a very long time for Windows XP will not be a lot cheaper than Vista. Crysis, in the second, the so-called DirectX 10 for Windows XP, known as the functions of many of the open is not forgotten.

Unless you absolutely need the Aero interface, now that we, even though it is available, Windows XP still choiceArticle search for the first time