Nov 27, 2008

Great Tools For Optimizing Your Website

Great Tools For Optimizing Your Website
SEO or Search Engine Optimization, can make a huge difference to the profitability of your website. If the Search Engine's don't like your site, no-one will ever find it!

People who want to have a successful and profitable website put a lot of time and effort into a process known as search engine optimization.

What this process essentially does is composing and analyzing your website to esnure they get a higher rating from search engines like Google and Yahoo.

It could include the streamlining of in-site navigation, the placement of keywords, or any one of a number of criteria that determines search engine rankings.

The goal of this process is simple: to get a higher ranking when people search for an item or phrase related to your website.

Studies have proven that most internet users click on a website listed on the first page of a search and some may go as far as two or three pages deep into the search to find what they want. That means that it is ideal to have your website listed on the first page in order to maximize the amount of web traffic that you get.

Automated Analysis

There are people out there who make their living by analyzing other people's websites and making suggestions about how to improve their ranking. The top people in this industry make a very healthy living.

However, to be able to pay someone to do this, you need to have had some success already, and the funds to spend. What about all of those that can't afford that expense? It may be news to most that the better web design software has SEO analysis tools that are free, and inbuilt.

Such tools can be automated to examine each page in your website and recommend how to improve your site for SEO.

At this point, you may be thinking, "should I really be trusting an automated computer program to tell me how to make my website better?" And the answer, of course you should!

After all, search engines are just automated pieces of software that go through the code that makes up your web pages and determines just how closely they match the criteria of the person searching.

By taking that same criteria, you can run an automated analysis tool that will indicate where improvements can be made. It could be a simple matter of putting in some more targeted keywords, or it could be that you require a bit more interlinking.

But whatever the analysis turns upFree Web Content, you will know exactly what you need to do in order to improve your search engine rating.