Mar 27, 2009

Some Human Causes of Hard Drive Crashes

It is in very rare occasions that you will find that mechanical problems are the ones that cause hard drive crashes. It is mostly human beings who cause hard drive failure. Yes, human beings are not perfect beings, and yes, they are bound to make mistakes. But there can always be room for improvement.

Here are some ways man causes hard drive crashes:

Human beings can mishandle the hard drives. For example, if you are carrying a laptop in the office and you want to go and show someone something, you decide to carry it with one hand instead of both. The risk of it falling and crashing is high because it is much safer to carry it with both hands rather than one hand.

Another way human beings can cause hard drive crashes is through evil motives. By this I mean that there are some human beings whose intentions are ill. They could be jealous or revengeful and would not like to see others succeed.

One of the ways that humans can have evil motives is by introducing viruses to someone's computer. We all know the effects of viruses on hard drives. Viruses are programs that are designed to disrupt the normal working of the hard drive. They cause both corruption and deletion of files. Human beings can both accidentally or deliberately infect ones computer with a virus and thus, cause the hard drive to crash.

Another way in which humans can cause destruction is through arson. It is very possible that someone can decide to set ablaze your organization because of a deal gone sour or because of jealousy. All your property will get burnt including computer hard drives.

Man is capable of doing anything he wants. As long as he puts his mind into it, he is capable of anything. As much as you try to keep your hard drive safe, always be ready in case the worst happens.