Mar 27, 2009

Signs That Your Laptop Hard Disk is About to Crash

Most laptop users are usually very excited whenever they purchase a laptop and begin using them. As they continue using their laptop, they may fail to realize that their laptops could be failing. I am here to enlighten you on some of the visible signs that will tell you that your laptop is failing:

One of the signs is if your laptop is too slow, freeze and hangs often. If you are working on your laptop and then it stops suddenly, it could mean that your laptop is about to crash. When you try to issue instructions or even try moving the mouse, nothing happens. The main logic behind this is that the computer system is unable to access the necessary file for carrying out your process, either because it has been corrupted or the file is missing. One thing that causes this to happen is the presence of viruses which is another sign that your computer is failing.

Viruses are programs that are designed to disrupt the normal functioning of the laptop system. Laptops are electronic devices that process and store data in the hard disk in terms of bits/ binary digits, 1's and 0's. What the virus program does to files stored is that it will change binary formation from the original form that was saved. This is what we usually refer to as corruption of data. The original information has been changed in such a way that the system cannot interpret. In most cases, this is what people mean that a virus has caused data loss. The data is still there but it cannot be interpreted correctly. The signs that come with this are:

- Computer will keep rebooting. In this case, the virus causes the boot files to form a loop where by during the boot process, the boot file are executed over and over again
- Many error messages. Since the laptop is unable to interpret certain corrupted files, many error messages such as 'file not found' would be experienced.

Another common sign is when a blue screen with a lot of information on it appears. This is usually known in computer terms as the 'blue screen of death'. As the name suggests, the laptop hard disk is crashing. It is a very common sign and you should watch out for it.