Dec 11, 2008

How do you make a free PC, 30% or more of running at a faster rate?

How would you like a PC 30% or added faster, for FREE, and with actual little risk? It's a bit of a breeze absolutely isn't it? We all apperceive that at some point in the approaching we will acquire to advancement our PC and this is usually to boldness a achievement accompanying issue. It's too slow, it stutters and freezes or it's artlessly so apathetic its abstract with the new versions of Windows, amateur or applications software.

Guerrilla Overclocking Primer

Why Overclock?

How would you like a PC 30% or added faster, for FREE, and with actual little risk? It's a bit of a breeze absolutely isn't it? We all apperceive that at some point in the approaching we will acquire to advancement our PC and this is usually to boldness a achievement accompanying issue. It's too slow, it stutters and freezes or it's artlessly so apathetic its abstract with the new versions of Windows, amateur or applications software.

Overclocking is acceptable added accepted than anytime as a agency of accepting added out of your PC after accepting to absorb any money. With bread-and-butter times as they are this is actual compelling. We are altered amidst just a few PC builders in alms pre-overclocked and optimised PC's at the arch bend of the achievement ambit with our Cryo Addition technology™.

What is 'Guerrilla Overclocking'?

Guerrilla Overclocking is a adjustment we acquire developed for ourselves that balances time adapted to accomplish a accustomed overclock adjoin the benefits. One seek of the internet or browse of the overclocking forums will acknowledge pages and pages of overclocking actual that is badly time consuming, abounding of omissions and errors and assumes a lot of above-mentioned ability and experience. Our complete action and adjustment we use to aftermath our chump PC's includes: • Accouterments design, • Overclocking Techniques and Procedures, • Ecology and Alerting, • Database Logging and Reporting, • Operating Arrangement Configuration, • and assuredly Stress and Soak testing.

We aren't traveling to go into the abounding adjustment in this hands-on applied Album we are just traveling to awning abundant to get you quick after-effects so that you can go abandoned with your own overclocking by the time you acquire accomplished the end of the actual few pages of this article. You could accede it a adjustment for the time poor overclocker not abandoned does it not yield continued to apprentice it aswell takes abandoned a few account to apparatus in practice. Though don't misunderstand us overclocking is actual circuitous and it's as abundant of an art as a science and the complication and claiming of acute overclocking should not be underestimated. What we are aggravating to accord you actuality is a cogent addition in achievement with a few simple measures and after all the complexity.

Isn't it risky?

We acquire been overclocking memory, graphics, processors and motherboards now for over ten years and we acquire not had one individual assembly abortion that occurred as a aftereffect of overclocking. We've had abounding failures in the lab but afresh that's what the analysis lab is for! We analysis abounding agreement options and run abounding benchmarks to plan out were the safe banned are and there absolutely is absolutely a continued way to go afore you ability annihilation like a crisis point in overclocking the hardware. There's a lot of allowance congenital into the superior end of the technology to cope with broadly capricious affairs in which it may end up working. For archetype it's absolutely archetypal for a accepted Intel Amount 2 Quad processor with a 2.66GHz branch set alarm acceleration to run in balance of 3.5GHz with no adverse consequences.

Overclockers Mission Control

There are all kinds of accoutrement out there from altered vendors that will overclock for you, our admonition is leave them on the DVD and don't bother installing them. They tend to accomplish activating achievement changes based on assumptions, ecology abstracts and utilisation and can advance to ambagious adherence problems or bogus achievement ceilings. They aswell tend to 'soft overclock' your PC in that unless the apparatus is active in your instance of windows afresh there is no overclock in aftereffect at all. The abandoned apparatus you absolutely charge is your BIOS and your BIOS helps you bigger acquire what is traveling on. The abundant affair about the BIOS is it's really, absolutely simple and it does what you acquaint it. It isn't big abundant to acquire abundant intelligence it's absolutely just a abundance of abstracts that tells your PC how to run in a way that will accomplish it plan as you apprehend it to.

There are lots of circuitous settings in your BIOS and some are even important, abounding just aren't. We are traveling to acquaint you to just a few key ones you charge to apperceive about and that accomplish the better difference.

The Clocks

More alarm acceleration about makes for added achievement as the processor has added cycles per added in which to do the aforementioned task, so it does it quicker. The clocks aswell accredit to anamnesis and interface bus speeds as able-bodied as the processor. We will aim for the accomplished accepted accessible alarm speed. You will frequently acquisition these settings on an avant-garde page sometimes alleged Advanced, Tweaker, Overclock or Guru settings. The table beneath shows you archetypal top settings for 1333 and 1600 FSB motherboards and CPU's (or archetypal top and lower limits).

* Alien Alarm (or Reference Clock) from 333 (fsb 1333) to 400 (fsb 1600)

* CPU Multiplier (locked and not user configurable for all but Acute or Black Edition CPU's) usually 8 or 9, can be set up to 10 as a safe top limit

* CPU Alarm 2.66 to 3.2GHz, can be cautiously pushed to about 3.6GHz

* Anamnesis Clock, DDR2 800 to 1066MHz, DDR3 1333 to 1600MHz

The FSB acceleration is 4x the Alien clock, and the CPU acceleration is = Multiplier x Alien Alarm (i.e. Alarm = 2.66GHz = 8 x 333 and FSB = 1333MHz = 4 x 333). Aswell agenda on all but Intel Acute and AMD Black Edition processors the multiplier cannot be afflicted and is 'locked'. Simple isn't it!

Now if you own a acceptable superior branded PC or Motherboard with an Intel or nVidia chipset produced in the endure three years your PC will be able of the speeds aloft and more. With an nForce 780i or Intel P35/X38 chipset or after you will calmly beat an FSB acceleration of 1600MHz.

In our acquaintance tweaking the anamnesis speeds is far beneath cogent to all-embracing achievement and if you absolutely are time poor just leave this at the absence settings. The affair to watch out for is that by absence if you appear to access your FSB acceleration you will access anamnesis acceleration as they are affiliated and it's awful acceptable your anamnesis will stop alive able-bodied afore you ability FSB or processor limits. So bethink to manually 'lock' anamnesis speeds to their absence alive acceleration and latencies, usually 800MHz or 1066MHz for the former, Auto for the latter. Anniversary time you access your FSB you may charge to amend that you haven't aback added anamnesis speeds.

The Volts

If the electrical ability to your PC (in volts and amps) had no aftereffect on the alarm acceleration we wouldn't affliction about voltage, but it does. Like us animal beings, the added plan your processor does the added aliment (in volts and amps) it needs to accumulate it going. So we acquire to anxiously augment it added volts, in accomplishing so it draws added amps (remember ohms law; added volts == added amps!). Actuality in lies the nub of overclocking and what differentiates a acceptable fast one from a poor apathetic one. If we access the voltage and accordingly access the accepted abounding (in amps) the attrition of all the chip complex dissipates some of this added activity in heat. The consistent calefaction increases the attrition of the conductors and we access a potentially abandoned aeon area added calefaction creates added attrition which creates added calefaction etc. This aeon is accepted as thermal and or accepted runaway. It's believable that abacus added voltage increases attrition and in actuality reduces overclocking allowance and we acquire empiric this abnormality empirically. So don't unnecessarily access your voltages we wish them to be as low as we can get abroad with.

The kinds of increases we are traveling to accomplish in this exercise are in the millivolts range. The affairs central chip circuits are bigger than a animal hair, a lot finer, so we acquire to accomplish tiny changes or they will bake up, or attrition will go sky top and they will cease to function. That agglomeration of chestnut on top of your CPU (known as the IHS, or Chip Calefaction Spreader) can calefaction up to 70C and beyond. Now brainstorm how hot the abdomen of your CPU that are bigger than a animal hair charge to be to be able to accession the temperature of several grams of chestnut that much! Now we've afraid you to afterlife about accretion voltage stop annoying about it because the table beneath gives you safe alive voltage banned that accumulate you able-bodied central a safe range.

* CPU volts (VCore) 1.2V to 1.4V

* Anamnesis volts (VDIMM) DDR2 1.8V to 2.0V, DDR3 1.5V to 1.66V

* MCH Amount volts 1.2V to 1.4V

* CPU VTT (FSB Termination) volts 1.2V to 1.4V

* Northbridge 1.25V to 1.45V

Other settings

There are a few added settings beneath that you can optionally change about they should abandoned be adapted for accomplished affability an overclock abreast the banned of adherence and practicality.

* CPU C1E, Enabled, Reduces CPU ability burning and calefaction with an added abandoned state

* CPU TM, Enabled, Thermal protection, throttles the CPU if overheated, can abash you while testing your overclock

* CPU Execute Disable bit, Enabled, Aids virus aegis by attention cipher beheading in acute anamnesis pages

* CPU Virtualisation, Enabled, Virtualisation band support

* CPU HyperThreading, Enabled, Increases CPU utilisation with finer a added basic amount per core, acknowledging an added beheading thread

* CPU Intel Acceleration Footfall (EIST), Enabled, Will burke CPU voltage and acceleration according to utilisation, can abash overclock results

* PCIe Clock, 100, Can usually be added by at atomic 5% and addition PCI bus speed

* Advance Spectrum, Enabled, Disabling advance spectrum usually enhances stability

* SATA Configuration, Enhanced, Usually this defaults to IDE or Added IDE approach which is slow. Change it to AHCI or RAID approach which supports NCQ and up to 300MB/s alteration speeds. You will charge to acquire the adapted drivers installed in Windows aboriginal (or on aboriginal installation). Vista usually supports AHCI by default.

Boosting PC achievement in six steps

Ok now you apperceive all about the basics of overclocking and the banned about which you are alive we can now accord you our one minute and simple six footfall action to advocacy your PC's performance:

1. Get into your BIOS and go beeline to the page of settings for the Bus speeds and CPU settings

2. Set your BIOS Bus acceleration and CPU settings to chiral which should accessible up a ambit of the settings declared above, and we will acclimatize in the next steps

3. Set your CPU VCore voltage to 1.4V

4. Set your CPU VTT (FSB Termination) to 1.3V

5. Accomplish abiding your RAM acceleration is manually set aural its banned (usually amid 800 and 1066MHz DDR2 or 1333MHz DDR3)

6. The next footfall depends on the blazon of CPU you have:

6a. For 1333FSB CPU's (multiplier locked):

6a) i. Set your alien alarm to 400MHz, or, your FSB to 1600MHz, whichever is accessible in your BIOS

6a) ii. Giving you a new processor acceleration of up to 3.6GHz

6b. For 1600FSB CPU's (Extreme multiplier unlocked):

6b) i. Leave your alien alarm at 400MHz

6b) ii. Access your multiplier to 9, giving you a new processor acceleration of 3.6GHz

7. Save your BIOS settings and Reboot your PC and adore up to a 30%+ achievement boost

This works just as declared with 95% of the systems we appear across. If it doesn't plan for you artlessly leave the voltages as declared and bead the Alien clock, Multiplier or FSB speeds aback to the absence and access them boring a footfall at a time until you ability a point at which you arrangement becomes unstable, afresh bead it aback again. This is added evocative of the archetypal overclocking action declared elsewhere. It's an accepted action that stops if you acquisition the bend of adherence and go aloft it ubt this way of accomplishing it is appreciably added time consuming.

Arghhhh, My PC has arctic is it broken!?

If you acquire ashore to this album and the advice on voltages aloft your PC WILL NOT be broken. In actuality alteration the alarm speeds abandoned is awful absurd to do any accident whatsoever. We acquire never apparent an instance area this has acquired accident even in the labs beneath annihilative testing conditions. Calefaction kills, and Voltage increases accepted which added heat! So be actual accurate if accretion your voltages and if you aren't accomplished at overclocking don't go over what we acclaim above.

Now my PC will not cossack If you accomplish some changes to the BIOS and your PC wont boot, all is not lost. Most avant-garde motherboards acquire what's frequently alleged a Blast Chargeless BIOS or something similar. In these instances a harder ability off or artlessly addition bendable reboot will put you aback to your BIOS awning with the absence branch BIOS settings briefly loaded so that you can change your overclock settings. Artlessly abate your overclock as declared aloft or alpha aback at the absence settings and gradually change things rebooting anniversary time until you acquisition what is causing the instability. If you don't acquire a blast chargeless BIOS or it isn't accomplishing the job afresh you will charge to bright your BIOS CMOS memory. Reference your motherboard chiral for instructions on how to do this (it's usually as simple as a button or a jumper setting). Alternatively artlessly abolish the CMOS array on your motherboard and this will accomplish the aforementioned thing.

Important Assumptions

We accomplish a amount of assumptions about the accouterments bureaucracy of your PC in adjustment for you to get the abounding account of this primer. • You acquire a acceptable average akin compassionate of PC hardware, software and operating systems • You are able accepting into the PC BIOS and alteration settings • You are able alteration the Agreement of your OS • We don't awning overclocking your cartoon but we do acclaim you do so as it could be the basic captivation you backFree Web Content, the aforementioned goes for your anamnesis • Your PC has able cooling and acceptable superior apparatus installed


When you accede that a new PC three years ago is now about 20-30% slower than the latest PC today you can see that accomplishing this now to a three year old PC gets you a PC at accepted levels of achievement at no added cost. It's hardly a atomic exercise and it's not for the aside hearted or amateur but already you acquire grasped the basics it's decidedly simple to do and you get actual advantageous results.

Alternatively buy your next PC from anyone like us and we do all this and added for you and assurance it on top. What's added you get a PC that will be two to three years advanced of the antagonism from the point of purchase. In industry agreement this gives you about 100% best to get aback your acknowledgment on investment about halving the amount of the PC.

Disclaimer: Cryo Achievement Computing UK acquire no accountability for any after-effects adumbrated or absolute in affiliation with application this primer.