Dec 7, 2008

The average Internet Security 8.0

The average Internet Security 8.0

Don't dive in online after protection.

We activated the 30-day absolutely anatomic balloon adaptation of AVG Internet Aegis 8.0, appear in April, on an Acer TravelMate 4200 with 80GB of RAM active Windows XP SP2.

AVG is a acceptable abundant aegis artefact overall, alms a firewall, virus scanning anti-phishing and abatement of awful Websites, to name a few. It is accordant with both Windows Vista and XP, supports all above email programs like Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird, and works with Internet Explorer and Firefox. It can be purchased online in authorization packs for 1-10 computers, with one - or two-year cable options.

Downloading the 6l MB book and installing it were adequately automatic if application the accession wizard. (We chose a Standard Accession rather than Custom, to acquiesce us to analysis the boilerplate user's experience.) Like all products, it does accept some flaws, and sadly, they decidedly backbite from AVG's usefulness. The key chat actuality is ‘slow’.

In allegory to added AV software, this adaptation of AVG is ability hungry. Application absence setting, it visibly slowed down the machine, acquisitive up to 70% of assets if accomplishing a abounding arrangement scan, and active at about 20% of assets while churning in the background. It afraid Internet cartage and slowed the ADSL connection's throughput down to beneath than dial-up speeds. These absence settings can be changed, but it is absurd that the boilerplate user will go to the trouble.

Compared to addition AV product, BitDefender, the abounding arrangement scans yield continued (32 account vs 12 minutes) and the apocryphal positives are decidedly higher. AVG aswell doesn't play able-bodied with others - it's one of a scattering AV bales that wants to accept all added programs bankrupt down afore it scans the machine.

Irritatingly, AVG Internet Aegis 8.0 installs Yahoo as a absence seek engine about surreptitiously. It does this in two ways: First the accession action asks if you wish to install the Toolbar. At that stage, there is no added advice about what the Toolbar entails, so you tend to go with the flow. It's alone after that you ascertain that Yahoo is now your absence seek engine. Even if you didn't install the Toolbar, you are asked on a after accession awning whether you wish to change to Yahoo as your absence seek engine.

The new user interface is an advance on antecedent versions of the product, but is visually cluttered, and may be ambagious to new users. AVG Internet Aegis 8.0 is accustomed for use in the home or baby office, and does action cogent aegis for this market. It is doubtful, thoughFind Article, whether baby offices with bound computer assets can handle the furnishings of such a resource-hungry section of software.