Dec 3, 2008

Intel Core 2 Duo E8500

Intel Core 2 Duo E8500
Dual-core gaming delight.

You can altercate the bung apropos the pros and cons of quad-core CPUs. We don't agnosticism their incomparable multi-tasking and multi-threaded clout. But if it comes to gaming, the allowances are beneath obvious. You can calculation the amateur that accomplish able use of a quad-core dent on the digits of one RSI-worn metacarpus. Dual-core still delivers the best blast for your blade if gaming is your capital focus.

With that in mind, the new dual-core variants of Intel's 45nm Penryn CPU ancestors attending like a no-brainer. For the a lot of part, that's how it turns out. The top E8500 archetypal is clocked at an absorbing 3.l6GHz, which translates into individual and dual-threaded achievement to bout any processor on the planet. It's aswell impressively able compared to the approachable 65nm bearing of Core 2 Duo CPUs from Intel. Admitting active a few hundred MHz faster than the old 2.93GHz X6850 dual-core chip, the E8500 consumes 30 watts beneath beneath abounding load.

It's aswell decidedly quicker in every criterion than the X6850. Allotment of that is no agnosticism acknowledgment to the faster frequency, but the accession of 2MB of accumulation memory, now a borderline-silly absolute of 6MB, doesn't hurt. The aforementioned goes for the faster 1,333MHz bus. It's all gravy.

Of course, Intel would aswell affirmation that the assorted tweaks fabricated to the Penryn architectonics addition the dock-for-dock achievement of its latest cores, too. You know, the new Radix 16 divider, added SuperShuffle Engine and all that jazz. In practice, it's finer absurd to abstract anniversary of the upgrades and deduce absolutely how abundant account they bring.

What we can say, however, is that the all-embracing achievement advantage of the E8500 over the X6850 is consistently aloft 10 per cent and sometimes as abundant as 20 per cent. That's admitting the berth acceleration cogwheel of just eight per cent. And remember, the E8500 is beneath than $300. At barrage a little over 18 months ago, the X6850 was the world's fastest PC dent and amount a air-conditioned $900. That's advance for you.

The acceptable account doesn't end there. We can aswell address that the E8500 is every bit as acceptable an overclocking dent as you would hope; hitting 4GHz on air cooling is a cinch. Up the volts a bit, and even college speeds are possible. All of which just leaves one abiding doubt. The full-fat, 12MB accumulation Q9450 quad-core dent can be had for just $50 more. Sure it's clocked a little lower at 2.6GHz. But for any arrangement that's accidentally multipurposeBusiness Management Articles, the Q9450 is apparently a bigger all-round bet.