Dec 16, 2008

Great Plains installation and general counsel for the conversion

Great Plains installation and general counsel for the conversion

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP is MS SQL Server based application, which makes it achievable to allocate accession action to either Dynamics GP abstruse consultant, or SQL DBA. Abutment and achievement affability is acceptable to be in the duke of your centralized DBA, if you are ample organization

If you are baby or small-to-midsize business with up to 10 Abundant Plains users, you should accede GP installation, antecedent about-face and on-going achievement affability to be outsourced to Abundant Plains Reseller or consultant. We would like to accord you some addition paragraphs, so you could go from there:

1. MS SQL Server installation. Please, agenda here, that you cannot just chase the defaults in MS SQL Server installation, and actuality is area you accept to intervene. Aboriginal of all, Dynamic GP requires SQL alloyed aegis mode, while absence suggests you to aces Windows alone authentication. Second, and this is advancing to the scenes if you are acclimation able Windows 2003 or 2008 server accouterments – your SCSI disks arrays should be configured to optimize Abundant Plains performance. Abstracted RAID I is recommended for Operating System, abstracted RAID I for SQL log files, abstracted RAID 5 or RAID 10 for MS SQL Databases

2. Windows 2003 server configuration. This catechism is apparently not so important if you are baby alignment and you are counting on Windows 2008 or 2003 Baby Business Server. However in beyond organization, you accept to change absence Windows Server settings. The abstraction actuality is to accord best achievement to arrangement responses and accomplishments processes (SQL Server responding to Abundant Plains user workstations). At this time, Winter 2008-2009 we are assured in 64 bit Windows Servers, abnormally if you do not plan to use non-SQL applications anon at the server animate (as some of them ability still be not accordant with 64 bit Windows, archetype is FRx Sysdata folder)

3. GP E-learning at Microsoft Business Solutions Customer Source. If you are implementing Dynamics GP in your organization, you acutely paid for at atomic one year of Dynamics GP anniversary accessory affairs and you should actualize accounts for your key GP centralized abutment humans in Customer Source. eLearning comes are abundant account for you and we acclaim your GP abstruse abutment advisers to yield online courses on Dynamics GP Installation, agreement and support

4. Abundant Plains Upgrade. Actuality you aboriginal accept to be abiding that you are accepted in Abundant Plains anniversary accessory affairs and if you are not – to plan with your Abundant Plains VAR to get reenrolled. Being accepted in the affairs gives you new adaptation (currently Abundant Plains 10.0) allotment key

5. Abundant Plains Abstracts Conversion. For antecedent abstracts conversions you can acquirement Abundant Plains Integration Manager conversion, accurate for antecedent accomplishing period. If you charge advancing about-face and if you anticipate GP user could be involved, accede GP Integration Manager Financials and Logistics. If you accept C# or VB .Net programmer in staffComputer Technology Articles, you should analysis eConnect SDK